Dhaka took responsibility for a suicide attack near the airport IS.

Dhaka took responsibility for a suicide attack near the airport IS.


the magazine news.hindunobobarta.25.03.2017.

Dhaka Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in the evening, the city was a suicide blast. The Islamic State has taken responsibility for the attack. State-run news agency quoted amaka SITE Intelligence Group says the report. Besakayekabara before the Islamic State was responsible for the sabotage. Each has dismissed the claim of the Government of Bangladesh.


Airports near the scene of intense excitement golacatbaraelakaya. Has exploded near a police check post. It was a young man with explosives into a police check post and went inside. The explosion blew himself up was not successful Dey. Issued a dire warning over the incident at the airport. The passengers are safe.

Airport police chief Noor Azam said Mia, has been around the whole area after the incident. Attackers were killed. His identity could not be ascertained. The man tried to enter the police box failed to detonate. Approximately 2325 years old. Wearing jeans and a long sleeve shirt. In addition, a travel bag was found at the scene.

Since the anti-terrorist operation is underway at Sylhet. The extreme tension. Meanwhile, attacks in the capital. The suicide attack was carried out at the headquarters of the proposed Bayabera. A young man blew himself up in the blast. After the attacks bayaba checkpoint. The attacker was shot and annihilated.

the magazine news.hindunobobarta.25.03.2017.


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