Mahamaya Devi, the goddess of victory to win the giant binasini not just fable. To find out more information.

Mahamaya Devi, the goddess of victory to win the giant binasini not just fable. Winner of the women’s movement in the life of a thousand years yuddhagamtha. Purusatantrera occur after the advent of society in place of the goddess isbaratattbe brought about the appearance of the man of God. Egyptian, Sumerian, Babylonian, Greek and Roman civilizations, gods, men and women of the goddess ride. The Semitic religions in the world after the fall of civilizations, and the position of women was not a goddess. Men’s dictatorship began. The men only ‘man’ is considered. The woman is debitba gelai, even people not as described. There has been absolutely purusabhogya woman ‘woman’.


the magazine news hindunobobarta.25.03.2017.

Despite the evolution of civilization in the world age-Jugantor such as the living fossil of traditional Vedic religion is the worship of God, women are still common. Despite the advent of the Vedic religion, the male gods, goddesses, each of them has been established as the better half. Brahmani such as Brahma-Vishnu-Lakshmi, Shiva-Parvati, etc. Even without the incarnation of Rama, Sita and Radha / Krishna is worshiped except rukmini. Hindu gods and goddesses, such as the establishment of equal status and dignity as men and women equal status and dignity of Hindu society was established. Hindu women were the inevitable handful of the Middle Ages Purusatantrera freedom, but as far as the Hindu society, women’s opportunities, freedom and dignity is one of the religions of the world, it is obtained.

the magazine news hindunobobarta.25.03.2017.


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