SPECIAL REPORT # rising trend of suicide attacks in Bangladesh.

SPECIAL REPORT # rising trend of suicide attacks in Bangladesh.


the magazin news.hindunobobarta.25.03.2017.

Special Report: First Friday, a suicide attack Bayabera camp. The incident did not relish the cut back in a suicide attack on Saturday to try to escape from buying. Two sabotage attempts to spread fear in the capital of Bangladesh. 4 hours after the last explosive-laden jacket has been repeatedly attacked by security forces. Bayabera’s operations has prevented the attacks. One question overshadows everything, gradually increasing the number of militants kill himself?


The anti-terrorist branch (Counter-Terrorism and Transnational Crime Unit) or quite concerned about sititisi heads.

Dhaka’s Uttara area on Friday at the headquarters of the proposed Bayabera forces were planning suicide attacks in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan, including the endemic violence in the country are found. The blast blew himself up near the target after loading the jackets. Mesh militant blew himself up without having to do the job. And on Saturday morning check-post in front of the Bayabera Khilgaon militants killed in the fighting body, which matched the explosive-laden jacket. Fold the incident thought the government of Bangladesh.


4 hours after the terrorist attacks in the last nine events, the city three days ago, militants detonated two militant den raid. They are members of the suicide squad. Kill four militants in the operation has been.

Last year, the Holy See gulasane artijana in the cafe bomber was a member of the suicide squad. Not only that, in the next few militant anti Gulshan has been an explosion in some cases, militants blow up themselves. Hence the sun, especially in the area of \u200b\u200bVilla Ashkona discussed at the Counter-Terrorism and Transnational Crime Unit raided a militant den or sititisi. Tahira suicide operations attacked the woman, one of the new JMB militants. That is the first woman suicide terrorist attacks.



According to officials of the militant anti-Bangladesh, members of the old JMB suicide attack in Gazipur court premises. JMB JMB members broke the more aggressive neo-generated. Suicide attacks are being made for them. A blind instrument of religious passion that is being taught, when they died by suicide in heaven (heaven) is.

Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) Energy forfeited. Instead, come up with new JMB organization. There are also a number of other fundamentalist organizations. Intelligence reports have said repeatedly, the Islamic State, keeping in close contact with the al-Qaeda branch of the Indian subcontinent plans to sabotage the Bangladeshi groups.

the magazin news.hindunobobarta.25.03.2017.


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