Militants calling, wake up.

Militants calling, wake up.

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Jangibrksa yard. The result, Khan. It is not that, aoyamiligake removal from power of the militants has begun to destabilize the country. Since independence, rather than being the result of the current adulation coming from fundamentalism. Sentiments were complaining. It was inevitable. Since the majority Muslim country, since terrorists are sowing the seeds before. You have the seed, fertilizer, watered. Page after dawn fence to keep out the lower parts of all political parties in the competition. Some openly, some aprakasye sitting on jangibrksera buliyechena hand, took care of it. Now the fruit, to eat the fruit. To eat. Unjustly denied, to pretend to ignore. this is not right.


Swat militants mail, send. Attacks on police in the streets. Camp, checkpoint, pulisabakse, prison van carrying the defendant has been attacked on numerous occasions. Holly died in a police raid artijanera. Yet you jagenani. Censor placed opposite to the book fair. Earlier sasiyechena bloggers, tariyechena. Done a lot more. Murray militants to you, beat, gives daurani. Go ahead, put it in the face of the progressive people of the skacatepa. Why, why do ye? What does all this for? The militants were unable to redeem RAB’s sleep. Kahn entered the camp to try to awaken to turn straw into the life of a militant said. Still, do not break up. They are busy business Crossfire. Billions of dollars of business to tickle them as militants. Tickle the taste a bit absent-minded move, laugh. Then again, trade is entered.

The police came, it was said. The Swat militants to send to them. Way calling, has advised the father to die in, ‘I called after his death and 10 others Swat khaoyasa beyond.’ Heavy chase was ‘less time, send Swat.’ I mean, trying to rouse the lives of the militants. Atheist, rational, pragatisilarato are calling harass anyone leave the country, has been one dive, one has to adapt to the situation … very ugly. Insurgents have taken up the responsibility of the government to redeem. But ‘What priyarao break even kathino gabhiro sleep …!’



There is no army torch. In fact, there is no experience. You. Army called in the Swat militants got Sylhet. Is happy. Said one of the militants detonated himself voluntarily at the airport. Police said barakarta not happy, ‘atisatarkataya has burst.’ However, the operation was Army. But with the torch was taken. Bad weather, clouds in the sky. The situation is bad, electricity connection. During bad, around dark. But the Army, I had hoped, it was love, it was light. Army thought, since the Swat militants called love, as each of the steps of the 5-storey house, the room would light the candle. ‘You jbalaogo lamp, Prannath can come to me today!’ But no one lights a lamp and did not. Deceived. So find the torch houses. The symbolic. The army itself is in the dark about the situation in the country. So was the crowd in search of light. However, during construction to meet the business goes, what do remember to take a torch! Just in connection with the operation of the lights is not a mistake to put. Tuilaita operation!

Does not matter. Start sabeto. The solid is waiting in front of the future, the experience of the deficit will be met. Used to take a little time.

The drama of those who say they are the prime minister and at the same time in the last few years we have two statements read / listen / view are accustomed. First ISO or killing al-Qaeda or statements Section, will recognize the attack goeth. Then the Prime Minister will say that it is fake, there is no rice in the country is no comfort. It has happened repeatedly. Still going to happen. Sylhet, Dhaka, in the midst of a militant terrorist operations were suicide attacks, police say it is not attacked. Atisatarkata! Deny, deny shocking. Why? Because if you accept the suppression of terrorism comprehensively, to get off the field. Shafi, Caramonai, alemaliga, kalemaliga, jhamelaliga, sabagulare to size. Build shelters for themselves in favor of such a big monster to monster the size of government has the courage and moral strength. Because they are involved in corruption and misrule. Engagement of the state. Hot!



So what to do? Militants say no, there is no ISO. Man to die on, to die on the police. But to say there is no ISO. There is no meaning. So, even though there is no terrorist, extremist and militant means, but there is already a draft campaign. One of the two parties. The first party says, ‘There is no terrorist country, so there is no repression.’ Second Party says, ‘There is no country, no militants. The government has already done in the name of the campaign. ‘So saying the two sides have no militants. According to the prime minister’s policy. So those who say there is no terror, and they are the Prime Minister.

Saramera No, we will call up crying maranapana have to take action against communalism, fundamentalism-throat phatiyechi, phew custody sakhyataya to have to listen to them now seemed like poison? The desire to hide the face? When we leather-Prime Minister, Minister undisciplined, fawn police officers were satirical statement, the body burns with anger? There is nothing. This way, you take care of ditches built. Now, if you think this way to be repaired, then there is no gain to shame. Jbaluni is set on the gain. Kaoyara media do not need, just to think, ‘There are terrorists in the country, to prevent’ Go down to the ground. Entered into a pit of snakes, intelligence supervise the fight. What does not make sense to stand quietly die. Militants calling, wake up. Please.

the magazine news.hindunobobarta.26.03.2017.

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