71 Pakistani prisoners of war to one of the 93000 ‘unknown’ returned to India.

71 Pakistani prisoners of war to one of the 93000 ‘unknown’ returned to India.


197 of August II. Just eight months ago, ended a 13-day Indo-Pak war. The Simla agreement was signed between the two countries. 93000 Pakistani prisoners and agreed to return to India. They were taken prisoner during the battle of 71 in India. It was a highly controversial decision in India. Why this time did not negotiate with the prisoners Hand Casino Kashmir prime minister Indira Gandhi? Perhaps the problem could be resolved!

What has agreed to release the prisoners then Prime Minister Indira? What was the real story behind this? You may know that the dispute was resolved. But the story remained gopanei. She did not bring it publicly. For more than 40 years have passed since the war. Why that day, the prisoners were released, the mystery Shashank Banerjee, a retired diplomat.


THE WIRE he wrote the history of the newspaper. Pakistani soldiers surrendered in Dhaka on December 16, 2971. Bangladesh’s Liberation Army surrendered to the joint command of the Indian army and the people. He’s a historic moment for India and Bangladesh. Then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi of India, but there was another danger. On the one hand, the huge cost of the war, on top of the nearly 1 million refugees from East Pakistan, the Pakistani soldiers who abuse their expenses came across the border. 93000 additional cost in the Pakistani army.

Indira Gandhi was the main goal, to get back home safely Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. He was willing to pay any price for it. He said the same person. He is a former RAW chief Ram Nath Rao. Pakistan’s military court had sentenced him to death, was designed to be slaughtered. That was the biggest nightmare of Indira Gandhi. Bangladesh, India had wholeheartedly supported. So Mujibur Rahman, the Indian dream will end. That was the fear. Bangladesh ‘orphan’ He did not want to see.

Meanwhile, unable to bear the humiliation of defeat was the resignation of the then Pakistan President General iyaha Khan. Julaphikara Ali Bhutto was the same in the United States by phone. Go through bhuttokei responsibility. Bhutto in Rawalpindi fly on short notice.


Indira historical diplomacy:

Bhutto returned immediately called an emergency meeting Indira Gandhi. Bhutto was scheduled to stop at Heathrow Airport for refueling aircraft. Indira Gandhi wanted, behold, there appeared to be no Indian representatives. So he can find, he Mujibur Rahman What do you think of? He was also an adviser to the Foreign Ministry Durga Prasad Dhar, RAW chief Ram Nath Kao, Principal Secretary PN hasakara, Foreign Secretary TN Kaul.


Muzaffar Hussain, Chief Secretary of East Pakistan. He became a prisoner of war in India, and the status of the DP Dhar was a guest in the house. His wife was in London. Then the husband and wife were due to contact with diplomats. Shashank said Banerjee, a retired diplomat, he grew as a result of the two is to create a good relationship with them. Bhutto was a former girlfriend Laila. Indira exploit the layalakei. Bhutto sent to speak with Laila. There was only one goal. What do you think about mujibarake know it. The Shawshank bandyopadhyayai Laila said, he ate at Heathrow airport had been a close friend of Bhutto, told her husband to arrange departure from India. Both are seen as the airport lounge. Laila drew near the end of the speech, Bhutto gave a message in his ear. Said Laila I know, you’ve come to know. Send a message Indira Gandhi. Say, I will release Mujibur Rahman. But rather than ask for what? And it will. ‘


Laila message. But doubt is not far away. Do not be mislead Bhutto India? But after a while the closure is in doubt. That the news was true. Instead of the 93000 prisoners sought. Mujibur Rahman was released on January 8 to 197. He took back the Prime Minister. Just eight months after the release of these prisoners were.

the magazine news wordpress.com.

hindunobobarta. 27.03.2017.


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